Global Product Compliance (GPC) Group specializes in Regulatory Compliance Solutions across sectors globally. In 2008, we started regulatory compliance services with EU REACH, but our mutual growth ideology and client needs have motivated us to venture into most of the new regulation emerged over the past few years in India, Korea, Turkey, Eurasia, UK, China, Vietnam, Thailand, South America, Australia, Taiwan, Japan, USA, and Canada.

ESSEM Compliance Solutions

ESSEM Compliance has an end-to-end performance and process management of all OECD & GLP guidelines. We offer comprehensive nonclinical GLP research services and analytical consulting for worldwide regulatory submissions.With a track record of successfully delivering 5000+ regulatory compliant studies, we have been the go-to partner for over a decade, trusted by more than 1000 companies worldwide.


Auxilife provides agriculture regulatory compliance support to the global agrochemical industry. Our expert knowledge and vast experience in regulatory support for agrochemicals/plant protection product PPP, biocides, consumer products, cosmetics, medical devices, food and feed additives in countries such as India, Kenya , France, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Italy, Singapore, Sweden, Russia, China, United States and other European, Asian, and African region match industry’s aspirations to enter these attractive markets.


Vipragen is an agile and nimble preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) with an impeccable Toxicology track record with a 100% regulatory acceptability. We take immense pride in offering top-notch Regulatory Toxicology, DART, Genetic Toxicology and Physicochemical studies tailored for the needs of Specialty Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical and other sectors.


Chemsolve, in the last five years, has addressed environmental concentration forecasting through emissions prediction and the multi-media fate model development and application. QSAR methods and read-across prediction of physicochemical properties and toxicity values are also major areas of specialization.

Diligence Bio

Diligence Bio is a GLP accredited testing laboratory that specializes in regulatory testing of industrial chemicals. The laboratory conducts acute animal toxicity, genotoxicity, ecotoxicity and physico chemical studies under GLP compliance. dBIO had conducted more than 1,500 GLP studies for various sponsors to various registration bodies across the globe.


Bioneeds is a Leading Preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing Integrated Discovery, Development & Regulatory Services to Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Industrial Chemical, Herbal, Nutraceutical & Medical Device companies. Bioneeds has a state of the art facility with 200,000 sq ft built-up area in 5 acre campus in the serene outskirts of Bangalore.