About the Conference

We are proud to announce the launch of the Asian Chemicals Forum (ACF) organized by the Regulatory Representatives and Managers Association (RRMA) and Helsinki Chemicals Forum (HCF) with Global Product Compliance (GPC) Group as the principal sponsor. RRMA and HCF are non-profit organizations promoting the global chemical safety management dialogue. ACF will take place for the first time in New Delhi, India and marks the first step in bringing HCF's thematic discussions to Asia, as we work towards achieving our global vision of a sustainable and safe chemical industry worldwide.  

The chemical safety management landscape is evolving rapidly in Asian countries, especially in India and other SEA countries, which drives the global sustainable change in the right direction while creating new opportunities for industry innovations. Nevertheless, this is followed by increased expectations and challenges of operational adaptations, and new regulatory terrains to navigate through for all impacted stakeholders.

The ACF conference will cover a wide range of topics related to safe chemical management. Through engaging governmental officials, industry leaders, NGOs, and academics from key regions and countries in Europe and Asia, the conference will offer comparative and prospective perspectives. The ACF conference aims to cover essential subjects related to the transitional journey to safer chemical management, while incorporating viewpoints from all stakeholders as well as sectoral and transition phase perspectives.
RRMA Annual Gathering and Training Event
Regulatory Representatives and Managers Association (RRMA)  will be hosting annual gathering and training events in parallel to the ACF conference. Providing in-depth regulatory knowledge sharing and capacity building activities with cases from across industries and countries.



What will the new UN Framework for Chemicals and Waste Management mean for Asia?

The UN International Conference for Chemicals Management (ICCM-5) may conclude a next platform to the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), called as the UN Framework for Chemicals and Waste Management.

How to best tackle forever chemicals and endocrine disruptors? Worldwide views in response to EU´s classification proposals.

The European Commission has put forward a proposal to revise the CLP regulation which introduces additional hazard classes for inter alia endocrine disruptors and persistence and mobility,

What is the right management system for industrial and consumer chemicals in Asia?

Since the implementation of EU-REACH in 2007, several Asian countries have introduced their own legal frameworks or have been tightening their existing chemical regulations. Examples of such regulations are K-REACH,


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Stimulating Dialogue Amongst All Stakeholders

Join us at the conference and be part of the change!

Gain valuable insights into key aspects of the chemical industry and the challenges ahead. The three carefully selected themes provide a retrospective and futuristic view from well-versed speakers, which brings value to stakeholders' learnings and enables them to create efficient strategies to meet new global expectations.

Representatives and leading industry professionals from across the world will be present, providing a unique opportunity to connect and exchange ideas on sustainable solutions for safer chemical handling. Develop your network and find collaborative possibilities among participants from different sectors and organizations.

Don't miss this chance to be part of an enriching discussion on safe chemical management and sustainability solutions.