Panel 2 Forever Chemicals and ED

The European Commission has put forward a proposal to revise the CLP regulation which introduces additional hazard classes for inter alia endocrine disruptors and persistence and mobility, which it plans to propose also to the UN GHS. You will hear from the moderator how the new hazards classes are defined in the EU and when they could be submitted and concluded by the UN committee. The four stakeholder representatives will express their positions on whether these are the right hazard classes to be added to GHS, whether the EU definitions are the appropriate ones and give their perspective on the upcoming discussions at the UN level on their inclusion in GHS. Key questions expected to be addressed during the session:

  • What is EC's proposal by these classifications?
  • What are others' views of such proposals and will these classifications be supported by member states and particularly in Asia.
  • Importance of defining the classifications as EC has proposed and shall these be taken further into consideration in GHS - a general and more global perspective.
  • What is the policy makers perspective regarding sharing these proposals and what kind of problems have been identified that contributed to developing such proposals.
  • Will we be able to cover the right kind of targeted chemicals with this approach?


Panel 2 Speakers

Mr. Claudio Mereu

Partner Fieldfisher

Mr. Eike Peltzer


Dr. Vikas Dighe