Panel 1 UN Framework

The fifth session of the UN International Conference for Chemicals Management (ICCM-5) will take place in Bonn, Germany, on 25-29 September 2023 with the purpose to agree on a next platform to the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), which is expected to be called the UN Framework for Chemicals and Waste Management. Participants will hear from the moderator what has already been agreed and which issues remain unresolved. The four stakeholder representatives will express their positions on the open issues. They will also express their view on what the forthcoming framework will mean for Asia and how they intend to step up their contribution to safe management of chemicals and whether the targets set by the new framework can be met voluntarily or through mandatory means.

Key questions expected to be addressed during the session:

  • How can Asia contribute to the new Framework?
  • Will this require new legislations in certain Asian countries?
  • What type of indicators (e.g. high impact) have been set to measure progress or success of the new framework?
  • What type of legislation/voluntary commitment is proposed? Does the industry need to change their behavior? Is the Indian EPR (extended producer responsibility) a model to follow?
  • What fiscal policies are of interest moving forward?
  • Is a uniform view required regarding what chemicals that are problematic?
  • What type of innovative solutions can the industry put forward to meet the new targets/vision?
  • What is expected from the public/NGOs?
  • How can the science community contribute (e.g. via a IPPC like panel)?

Panel 1 Speakers